Italian Weddings

Whether you’re getting married in Italy, to an Italian or with an Italian theme, we’ve got a collection of customs and traditions, legalities, a place to go for advice, the story of an arranged marriage in the 1950’s and a modern bride’s diary as she planned her wedding in Italy while living in America!

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wedding customs & traditions

Find out the traditions behind Italian courtship, wedding ceremonies and the reception. You’ll also find a few Italian quotes that can be used for making a toast to the bride and groom in the Italian Wedding Customs & Traditions Guide.

a bride’s diary

Do you know what it takes to plan an Italian wedding? Take a peek at our brides’ diary and follow-along as an Italian bride (the founder of this website) who lives in the United States plans an Italian Wedding! She tells all from the meeting of her future mother-in-law to lessons learned.

the arrangement

A meeting between a prospective bride and groom was not taken lightly in 1950’s Southern Italy. What did the prospective groom have to offer? And what of the woman’s dowry? Arranged marriages were customary and commonly made, but only among people who had sufficient property and possessions (furniture, farm animals, land, etc.)

the nuts & bolts of getting married in Italy

This article reviews the Legalities of Marrying in Italy along with civil and religious cerimonies, required documents and authenticating your wedding in the United States.

wedding links & resources

Wedding planners, services, and resources to get you on your way.

wedding questions & advice

We would like to cordially invite you to participate in the Italian Customs & Traditions forum. From wedding toasts to whom should pay for what… here’s a place to share your knowledge or ask your question about Italian wedding traditions.