A Quest for Culture

No tour of Europe would be complete without taking the time to stop and see Italy.  Located in Southern Europe facing the beautiful Mediterranean, Italy is rich in culture and history and never fails to impress even the most jaded of tourists.  Italy has some fascinating cities that should be on your must see list including Venice, Florence, Naples and of course Rome.  If you’re on a quest for culture then Italy has everything that you’re looking for, here are some of the highlights of Italy.


Rome is the center of Italian history and politics.  Rome is still the center of the Roman Catholic Church and millions of tourists come here every year to visit the sacred site.  Many Catholics come to Rome not only to see the Pope, visit the Sistine Chapel but as a devotion to their faith.  Lovers of history also flock to Rome to see all the other sites that Rome has to offer.  The Roman Coliseum is just one of the many sites to add to your bucket list.  Architecturally stunning it stands as a symbol of the majesty of ancient Rome.


One of the greatest periods in Italian history is the Renaissance period and it all began in the city of Florence.  You can still see evidence of that era in the art and architecture that defines the city.  Stop and visit some of the cities many galleries and museums such as Museo dell’Opera del Duomo or the Medici Chapel.  If you want to see an amazing view of Florence the climb the 414 steps of Il Duomo, Florence will be laid out at your feet.


No trip to Italy would be complete without taking a ride down the canals of Venice.  Venice is separate from mainland Italy and the locals rely almost exclusively on water transportation to get around.  There is no city in the world that is quite like Venice, it is a haven for lovers.  Venice has a romantic backdrop, soft music and the food is incredible.  Lovers come to Venice for the idyllic honeymoon.  The city has some historical landmarks that you should see while you are here, be sure to check out St Mark’s Square and the Piazzo San Marco.

We could spend days going over the many places to visit in Italy and experience the local culture.  These three cities are but a few, there is also wine country and the Alps in the north.  Italy is one of the most incredible countries in all of Europe, take as much time as you possibly can to tour the country at your leisure.

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