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feature articles

italian law: delegation is friend and foe
If there is one subject which continues to create a goodly number of problems for the Italian and Italian American community it is the delegation of authority or Procura that tops the list - a document that gives another party authority to perform duties on your behalf.

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  •  gardening
    italian gardening zones
    Did you know that you could grow the same plants you find in Rome in Los Angeles, Venice in Dallas, Trento in Chicago and Palermo in Honolulu? Take a look at our Italian map of hardiness zones, and find out which fruits and veggies you can grow at home!

    grow, grow, grow!
    Simple advice and growing tips from a reformed brown thumb that can even help you to "get horticultural" and start your very own Italian Herb Garden.

    are you feeling hot, hot, hot?
    The frost still nips at our toes in February but this month brings the promise of spring and warmer days. If you can't hurry the heat outside, why not create it inside? Here's all you need to know from cooking to decorating with hot peppers.

    brown thumbs & sage advice
    Just in time for spring, and by popular demand, we're proud to debut our new Italian gardening forum. A place to discuss growing Italian herbs, fruits, veggies and plants!

    technically speaking...
    The Roman empire set the stage, while philosophers, artists and even invasions helped shape today's modern Italian language.

    illuminated readers
    The rise of a literature began in the 13th century a period of political and civil revival in Italian cities after the difficult centuries following barbarian domination. Follow Italy's path through literature in the first of our four part series.

    neoclassicism hits italy
    Italian art experienced a revival in the 18th century, particularly in the latter half with the spread of the Enlightenment.

    evolution of italian literature continues...
    Italy's romantic movement was not as complex as it was in other European countries. Instead, it coincided with the Renaissance and bore colorful historical writing.

    italian futurist writers
    The Futurist movement in Italian literature proclaimed vast change for all the arts and even proposed new life-styles and a new philosophy.

     sports & games
    learn to play 8 italian card games!
    In Italy the card decks have only 40 cards, designs and dimensions vary from region to region, and there isn't a single Queen in sight. The cards are not stacked against you, as it's easy to learn this favorite Italian pastime. It's easy to create an Italian deck of cards from a standard deck and learn how to play Italian Cards and Games.

    bocce: the inside story
    Italian immigrants brought their game of bocce to the United States, and many other countries where it is widely played today. Why not get moving and learn how to play bocce?

    When it comes to international soccer, with the third best record in World Cup & the second most Championships, Italy is a winner.

    angelo: an american hercules
    When he stepped off a boat onto Ellis Island the scrawny 10-year-old would become a punching bag for bigger boys. Little did anyone suspect that little Angelo would go on to become an American Hercules.

    the secret past of... the bicycle
    It took 300 years between Leonardo DaVinci's sketches and Italy's ability to reclaim the lead in the biking industry with the world's best and most innovative bicycles.

    a kick to american football
    Many Football fans would have you believe that American Football originated in... America. But, did you know that football is an Italian import which originated from calcio?

    formula 1: la rossa is back
    After a bad loosing streak in the 80's, recent wins have revived interest in the car to beat all cars. In this third part of our series, we detail Ferrari's comeback.

    formula 1: from fiat to ferrari
    While Grand Prix, or Formula 1 racing, was not invented by the Italians, it has been repeatedly influenced by their designs and innovative power. Despite fierce competition, Italy set the standard for auto racing.

    formula 1: and the beat goes on
    Even through wars, the Grand Prix persevered. With some Italian ingenuity, Italy would remain on top.

     working in italy
    italian resume' workshop
    Are you looking for a job in Italy? Does your resume' have a "hobby" section? While there is no perfect formula, here are a few pointers to get your resume (called curriculum vitae by Italians) in top shape.

    living & working in italy guide
    Many of our readers have questions about how to do things in Italy. You want to know about dual citizenship; getting a job and finding an apartment in Italy; requesting birth and death certificates; getting married in Italy, etc. We hope this series can aswer these questions for you:

     italian law

    scorpions & italian real estate
    Which Italian word accurately represents a legal concept understood by all Italians but known to none? If your family abandoned their property in Italy or you'd like to hear about one of our cases, read on!

    italian law: the inheritance wild card
    So what does this wild card have to do with the writing of an Italian will? It relates to the percentage of personal assets in Italy that one may dispose of freely -- allowing the testator writing the will to allot the remaining 25% freely.

    what is your last will?
    You will be shocked to learn that Italian law may not agree with your desires and might impose the distribution of your assets in a different manner than you had intended.

    claim your italian inheritance & ask an expert
    Italians who emigrated, often left behind family, land and even houses. Many lost track, or interest, of their family property that you may have unknowingly inherited and to which you may still have a legal claim. Plus, you can ask a question to Italian Inheritance Experts.

    losing your italian inheritance
    Misinformation and false assumptions made by those who may have inherited property in Italy have caused some to lose it. Two real-life stories, illustrate how easy it is to lose the Italian inheritance you may not even realize you have!

     gifts & holidays
    the new year
    Add zing to some Italian favorites for New Year's Eve. Zampone or cotechino with lentils is served for dinner, at midnight or on New Year's Day. The pork meat symbolizes the richness of life in the coming year, while the lentils symbolize money.

    sweet stuff...
    Our favorite Italian love stories, plus a chance to meet your valentine in our Connections forum.

    giuseppe, the italian pilgrim
    Things are always a little different in an Italian American household. Take Thanksgiving, for example, you have to get to know one of the pilgrims to truly understand the beginnings of the Italian American Thanksgiving Feast.

    what to give to whom - for any occasion!
    Our forums are filled with questions and advice about what our readers should bring to their Italian relatives, host, boyfriend, etc. (no matter in what country they're located). To keep you from making a faux pax we bring you gift-giving advice from readers.

     other features
    i built a house in italy
    My brother and I came up with this na�ve dream. A sliver of land in Italy with a house to be constructed overlooking the highest peak in the Apennine mountain range. The house would be brand new and built where a chicken coop now stood.

    tarantella: dance of the spider?
    The Tarantella has found a resurgence through Italian Americans who are reaching back to their roots to find something tangible and Americans who are curious about this exotic dance.

    living la dolce vita - help yourself to the italian lifestyle
    The signs are everywhere: the 5-fold increase in U.S. spending on Italian imports; the rising success of mafia-based television shows; the skyrocketing record sales of tenors Bocelli and Pavarotti - everyone wants to know the secret of living la dolce vita, the sweet Italian life.

    battle of the wits
    Test your Italian and Italian-American cultural IQ against other readers with ten questions from the best selling book, Heritage Italian-American Style.

    italian majolica: table it!
    An Italian puts their hand on a craft and it's considered an art. Bring Italian Majolica to your table and history is coming to dinner.

    transcontinental cat
    A roadside find many years ago becomes nonna's best friend discover the transcontinental cat.

    mamma will make it feel better
    Cure hiccups, indigestion, insomnia and more with home ingredients in Italian Home Remedies.

    table manners
    Italian children are taught etiquette at an early age. They often accompany their parents out to dinner and have many chances to learn proper etiquette at the table-- and so can you!

    dress like the natives!
    There is no Italian dress code but there is a cultural perception of acceptable attire. Where Americans primarily think in terms of quantity and value Italians are more motivated by quality and durability. This cultural disparity extends through every level of our cultures from food to clothing.

    where is "northern italy," anyway?
    Our baffled guest writer wonders where political, cultural and cuisine boundaries lie between the Northern and Southern Italy. Everyone answers the question differently. Will he ever get to the bottom of it? So... where is Northern Italy, anyway?


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