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italian music

When you purchase a CD through our site, all the proceeds from our affiliation with go towards paying for the server space (remember, we're an all-volunteer crew). Follow the links to purchase a CD. If you'd like to suggest a CD for inclusion, please send us your review. review a cd
Tell us about your favorite Italian CD by submitting a review!'s pick of the month
111 Centoundici, Tiziano Ferro
The tracks are a mix of hip-hop and R&B, labeled the Justin Timberlake of Italian Pop, Tiziano is a rich young baritone vocalist surrounded with strong pop melodies. The songs on this CD have hooks with a slight hint of "Italian flavor". The music is appealing and exotic. The track "Non Me Lo So Spiegare" is a melody that will stick in your head due in part to brilliance of his vocal delivery. It's unfortunate that TOP40 radio in North America does not go out of the box and become more adventurous attempting to introduce this artist to the public at large. If you like to discover new music and be ahead of the game, then I strongly suggest that you purchase this CD!

more pop music...'s collection best sellers
Here is where you can find our past-picks and thumb through our collection. Is something missing? Then just submit a review of your favorite CD so that we may share it with other Italians and Italian Americans!

classic rock
Claudio Baglioni, Lucio Battisti, Vasco Rossi..
hiphop & techno
Sotto Tono...
Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli...
Eros, Laura Pausini...
Zucchero, Ligabue, Litfiba...
Flamenco, Jazz & Traditional's music forum
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feature articles
tarantella: dance of the spider?
The Tarantella has found a resurgence through Italian Americans who are reaching back to their roots to find something tangible and Americans who are curious about this exotic dance.

italian american talents
It's like the Italian-American star search, except that you get to listen and vote for the artist you prefer! come see the stars!

Do you have a musical talent you'd like to share? Contact us via our feedback form.

, Andrea Bocelli

Resta in Ascolto
, Laura Pausini

Quelqu Un M'a Dit
, Carla Bruni

italy's top 10
Italian hit-singles chart of the favorite songs of young, hip, Italian cybersurfers.

  1. Marco Masini, Collezione
  2. Gianluca Grignani, Succo Di Vita
  3. Claudio Baglioni, La Vite E' Adesso
  4. Donatella Rettore, I Grandi Successi
  5. Nek, Cosa Da Difendere
  6. Alice, Viaggio In Italia
  7. Giorgia, Ladra di Vento
  8. Mietta, Per Esempio Per Amore
  9. Mina, Veleno
  10. Eros Ramazzotti , 9

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