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We're an all volunteer website and need your help to keep going. Here are five ways you can contribute:
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3 Submit a story
4 Volunteer
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seeking volunteers's mission is to serve the vast community of enthusiasts of Italian culture. We are seeking passionate individuals who want to have fun. Most of these jobs require only a few hours a month and little or no technical skills; just a bit of creativity. To apply for a volunteer position, contact us via our feedback form.

want to help now?
Maybe you don't have the time to become a full-fledged volunteer (we understand), but there are still ways you can help!

+ review an Italian film

+ review an Italian CD

+ review an Italian book

+ add an event to our sf bay calendar

+ add an event to our la area calendar

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+ add a link to our collection

You can also click around on our site, and report any broken links or misspellings (we try hard to catch them) to Our feedback form.

Grazie, and we look forward to reading from you!

Everyone is welcome to help us to spread the word. The following promotional material is available:

or you can download the complete promotional package.

We'll work with you to apply the skills you have, or want to learn, in the right place. Here are some job descriptions to get you started:

Regional Ambassador(New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Sydney, Auckland)
Commitment: 5-7 hours per month wants to reach the largest audience possible among the people interested in the Italian and Italian-American culture. We are currently seeking individuals willing to take the lead in developing and maintaining sections dedicated to other geographical areas in the English-speaking world with a concentration of Italians not currently covered by our Web site. The person filling this position would collect resource data, news and events information from whatever part of world he or she chooses to cover.
Required: commitment to the project, able to dedicate enough time to develop a monthly update of the section, interpersonal skills and natural networker, located in the area of responsibility. Capability to coordinate the activity of the local Editors.
Preferred: HTML and Web design knowledge, writing skills.

Music Editor: Pop, Classical or Opera
Three volunteer positions are available for those interested in Italian and Italian-American pop, modern, classical, orchestra or opera music. Select monthly titles, accept and/or write reviews of both songs and artists. List and review events and concerts of artists in North America.
Required: music aficionado, writing skills.
Preferred: HTML savvy.

Italian Language Editor and Assistant Editor
We want to start as soon as possible a free Italian Language course at beginner level on The course will take advantage of streaming audio and video technologies, it will feature tests and q/a sessions. The assistant will also be involved in moderating the dedicated Italian Language forum and to respond to specific Italian language related questions.
Required: very good Italian Language knowledge, may be located abroad.
Preferred: HTML savvy, knowledge of streaming audio/video technologies.

Food and/or Wine Editor
Lives and breathes good food and is expertly familiar with regional Italian cooking, traditions, techniques and ingredients. Provides articles for the Food & Wine section. This may include interviews, recipes, ingredient features, etc.
Required: familiar with Italy, local traditions and culture.
Preferred: HTML savvy, lives in Italy.

Wine Editor
Interested in Italian and Italian-American wines. Work in conjunction with the food editor to suggest wines for Italian meals and occasions.
Required: knowledge of Italian wines .... and be 21 years or older, may be located abroad.
Preferred: familiar with wine making methods, historical and regional origins, HTML savvy.

Sports and Games Editor
Interested in Italian and Italian-American sport activities and events (in particular soccer). Will update the section with reviews and news on major sport events ongoing in Italy and North America.
Required: knowledge of Italian sports, may be located abroad.
Preferred: HTML savvy, editing skills.

Internet Marketing Assistant
An opportunity for those who can contribute sporadically but still want to be part of the team. This activity only requires you to have some occasional time to surf the Web. It involves assisting the Director of Marketing in getting exposure for, i.e. ensuring that other Web sites exchange links with, exploring collaboration opportunities, placing ads and inviting interested people in joining our mailing list.

Web Editor
HTML junkie to assist in whipping out fabulous web pages.
Required: HTML pro.
Preferred: Graphical Artist, full of suggestions and creativity.

To apply for a volunteer position, drop us a line via our feedback form.


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