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italian genealogy
Editor: Deborah Millemaci

Some people may say Genealogy is a collection of names that are similar to yours. Instead, one's Genealogy are pieces to a great puzzle. Once you have all the pieces linked together, your puzzle is complete!
just the facts, mam'
Even official documents such as birth certificates may have errors, relatives may tell tall tales and records may not exist to substantiate facts. Check and recheck all the data you collect when researching your family history.

online message boards
Many of us who use online messageboards may not realize the important connections we can make when searching for family information.

can't miss genealogy websites
Many of us do genealogy research via the internet, and often we bookmark or save websites that we can refer too periodically. Deborina shares some of her favorite genealogy research websites.

if walls could talk...
You may find pieces of the past, tucked somewhere in your home. Old letters, maps, clothing, diaries, shoes, hats, bottles, etc. are just a few of the treasures that will tell you something about the previous owners.

understanding genealogy terms
Often, in our genealogy research we come across words that may be unfamiliar to us. An indispensible resource to make our understanding of these terms easier are genealogy glossaries - a collection of definitions that describe legal, medical, and occupations, that are relevant in deciphering documents.

internet research & genealogy scams
The Internet can be an invaluable resource for genealogy research, but you need to exercise caution to avoid Genealogy Scammers. They are notorious for offering FREE information and before you realize it... you've been scammed!

crafting your own heritage album
Compiling our family history can be a mountain of forms, vital records etc. But there are innovative ways to present your family history that will be a treasured family legacy that will be passed through succeeding generations.

going home... again
The genealogy editor, went to Kentucky to visit relatives and get in touch with her motherÔŅĹs roots. The last time she was in Kentucky was when she was a young child... but she experienced more than she ever imagined.

celebrating our italian heritage
One of the most intriguing aspects of researching Italian genealogy is learning about our customs, traditions, and folklore. From the largest cities to the smallest towns and villages throughout Italy, these celebrations are observed with reverence and passion. The immigrants who embarked on their long journey to America seeking a better life, brought with them these treasured pieces of their past to plant and nurture for their future descendants.

take note continues
Our genealogy editor shares more of the notes from a seminar she attended some time ago. In this second, of a two part series, she reviews caveats and changing laws of key records.

take note
Our genealogy editor shares her notes from a seminar she attended some time ago. In the first, of a two part series, see the collection of good advice and tips she collected.

requesting records from italy
There will come a time in your research of your Italian family ancestry when you will have to request record information from Italy. You need to become familiar with the different records available and how to request them.

children + genealogy = teeny geanie
Inspiring a child's interest into his or her family ancestry is not difficult. Children and genealogy are compatible. There is tons of stuff available to the young family researcher.

dead-ends to genealogy
A visit to the cemetery for family historians can provide missing clues to their past. Follow Deborina to find clues to your family.

once lost, now found
A father, who's daughter was adopted without his permission, finds her. You'll be surprised at how much your blood can define who you are!

protecting family photos
With time and improper storage, these pieces of your past can be damaged, here are some things you can do to bring family photographs back to life.

write a family newsletter-- get the word out
Continuing with the theme of family newsletters, I would like to offer you some suggestions that can assist you in their completion with tips on saving money and making it look professional.

photo detective
Clues to our family's ancestry lie in the photos that were left behind. The faces, their expressions, the clothing worn, and much more can give us clues to our past. Here's how to uncover clues from your family album.

coming to america
Italians came to America with aspirations of how They were under the impression of how dramatically their lives would change once they set foot on American soil. They would be entitled to steady work and pay, abundance of food and improved housing, and a government which offered freedom to its people. Little did they realize the travesties they would be subjected to.

what's in a name?
Italian last names, which were implemented by the taxman, had to overcome the obstacles of spelling and Americanization for Italian immigrants. Find out how this may have affected your last name and learn the simple Italian formula for naming your children!

deborina's scrapbooking primer
Scrapbooking for hobby is fast becoming a popular way to preserve family memories, but there are a few things you need to familiarize yourself with before beginning your book...

pulling together a family reunion
There are several ways you can have a successful family gathering and with these suggestions, you will be able to come up with some unique ways to make your family reunion a success.

memories: how to keep them in the family
Researching your family history can be fun, but once you have compiled your information, what is next? A few ideas you might wish to explore are Journaling, Scrapbooking, and a Memory Quilt as a way to keep the history going.

records, records everywhere
When researching our family ancestry, it is often puzzling for people to know where to begin. More often than not, there is information readily available in your own home!

more records everywhere
Did you know that you could research your ancestry with the help of employment records, legal papers, membership records, military records, and even newspapers? Our resident genealogist show you how with more ideas where to continue your genealogy search!

your online genealogy search
Researching your genealogy online is a good companion to a traditional search. It's convenient, but not complete! Learn how to begin your online genealogy search.

interview your family, an untapped resource!
Interviewing relatives can prove rewarding and may provide you with information you may not find in paper records. Most elder family members enjoy telling stories about what it was like when they first came to America. We have some ideas about where to start.

recent messages from genealogy forum:
your last name in italy:
Enter any last name in the box below, and hit the "find it" button. You will see a graphical representation of your last name in Italy!

your last name in america:
Enter any last name in the box below, and hit the "find it" button. The results will details all the people with your last name in the United States.

things to help you with your search

tips to get you started
Click on a tip to see more details:

  1. Start with what you know
  2. Medical history - a wealth of information
  3. Customs to find the town of origin
  4. The Holidays - a great opportunity


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