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laura pazzaglia
president & founder

I was born in England of an Italian father and American monther, raised in Italy and then imported to America when I was 9. I began a search for local Italians and... never stopped. Now, I live in San Mateo (California) with my husband Roberto and my two cats Zina and Zippey. My biggest hobby is to to bring together and network stranded Italians, Italian Americans and enthusiasts of Italian culture.

I also like to explore different art mediums and re-interpreting historical art with a twist. My sister is the benefactor of most of my projects the most recent being an Beyux-like tapestry documenting the Longobardi saving my home-town Pavia, and several mosaics using patterns found in traditional Itlaian Maiolica ceramics.

When I'm not spending my weekends and evenings working on this site or tending our edible garden, I'm an IT Director for the City and County of San Francisco. I've had the pleasure of managing and directing projects at leading technology and media companies like Microsoft, TiVo, ZDTV and

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